domenica 10 luglio 2016

How to map the photos of your city like OldNYC does

Some months ago I was looking for a way to render on a map the historical photos of Ravenna collected in this Facebook Page. I stumbled upon the OldNYC project and thought it was perfect for my needs! Therefore I forked the project on Github, worked on it and this is the result :
In this tutorial which is intended for programmers, I’ll try to explain which are the main steps for reusing the code of OldNYC (written by @danvdk) , and setup the photo map of your city.

At this moment my system has a backend hosted in a Ubuntu virtual machine on my PC and a frontend (a static site) hosted in the cloud. In order to collect the newer posts of the Facebook Page the backend harvests from Facebook and re-generates once a week all of the static pages of the static site and sends them to the cloud to be served by

The system

The developement environment and the backend run on a Ubuntu Server 16.04 virtual machine.
  1. First of all I forked the 2 Github repos for the backend and for the static site, then I cloned them on my server with the git clone command (git clone git:// git clone git:// After that my home directory looks like that :

2. I installed python2.7 (do not install python 3) :  apt-get install python2.7
3. I installed virtualenv : apt-get install virtualenv
4. Then I followed the instructions written by @danvdk to setup the environment :
cd oldnyc
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
     I did not use Google App Engine therefore did not run ./
     I installed the numpy package : pip install numpy
5. Created some directories necessary for the backend to work :
   mkdir oldnyc/gecocache
   mkdir oldnyc/images
   mkdir oldnyc/thumbnails
6. Fot testing purposes Installed an Apache web server : apt-get install apache2
   Configured it to listen on localhost and serve the content of the directory ,
which is the static site that will be hosted in the cloud.